How to choose a wedding photographer, what questions to ask at the meeting?

How to choose a wedding photographer, what questions to ask at the meeting?

What should you consider when choosing a wedding photographer?

Choosing a wedding photographer is a very responsible business. After all, what frames in the family album will remind you of the most important day, which photos can be posted on social networks, directly depends on his look and professionalism. In order not to make the wrong choice and not to be disappointed, ask the right questions at the first meeting.

Tip 1. Portfolio

To begin with, any reputable photographer (even a beginner) is very careful about putting together his portfolio. Therefore, his absence should, at least, make you think of his professionalism. A portfolio is a photographer's calling card. Usually, his work can be found either on a page on social networks or on a personal website. A photographer's work must resonate in the soul. If you want to look at the photos for a long time, like the angle and processing, then perhaps this photographer is the one.


Tip 2. Wedding package. What does it include?

If you have found a suitable photographer for your event, ask for a wedding package for your review. It should specify the prices for the list of works specifically.

For example:

The time must be indicated from the beginning to the end of the celebration.

Does the package include a photobook?

In what form will the photos be given?

Will there be retouching and color correction? If so, how many photos will be edited? I would check this point as many photographers do not edit even 30% of their photos.

Expiration date. How long will it take for post processing? If you want to get beautiful pictures, you have to wait a bit. On average, processing takes from 1 to 3 months.

Payment for travel expenses and hotel. Is it included in the price or separately?

All of these items should be at least in the wedding package. Before the wedding, you must conclude an agreement where it is already specific, all the conditions will be spelled out.


Council. 3 Genres of filming

In wedding photography, as in any other, there are several genres of shooting:




Check with the photographer about the genre he is working in. Does his shooting style suit you?


Tip 4. How is the payment for the services provided?

In most cases, these are two payments, the first is made as an advance payment upon signing the contract, the second at the end of the wedding day.


Council. 5 Places for a photo session

Be sure to talk about the places for the photo shoot. The result of the work largely depends on this.


Council. 6 Find out if a photographer worked at your wedding venue?

A big plus in his direction if he is familiar with the location of the shooting.


Council. 7 Dress code

Find out what the photographer will wear? It is important! Many photographers do not pay attention to this moment and come to the wedding in a cap and stretched jeans. This appearance does not look aesthetically pleasing at all.


Council. 8 Spare equipment.

It is important to clarify whether there is spare equipment, batteries, a camera in case of failure of working equipment.

Council. 6 Make a contract.

The contract is a guarantee that the photographer undertakes to fulfill all the conditions agreed between the two parties. If a wedding photographer refuses to conclude a contract, immediately refuse his services. This will save your finances and time.